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WeTrials Joins Forces with Glioblastoma Support Network to Amplify Patient Resources and Hope

Friday 15 Mar, 2024

WeTrials - GSN Partnership

WeTrials Proudly Announces its partnership with Glioblastoma Support Network

Pennsylvania, March 15, 2024 – WeTrials, a platform dedicated to connecting patients with clinical trials, is thrilled to announce a significant step forward in our fight against brain cancer. Our co-founders, Dr. Alireza Mansouri and Romeo De Leon, are honored to join the board of the Glioblastoma Support Network (GSN) as Directors, effective March 15, 2024.

This partnership underscores WeTrials’ dedication to enhancing support, resources, and hope for individuals and families impacted by glioblastoma, one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer.

Dr. Alireza Mansouri and Romeo De Leon bring a wealth of expertise, passion, and innovation to the board, perfectly aligning with WeTrials’ mission to facilitate access to clinical trials and essential medical information. Romeo De Leon expressed, “Joining the GSN board is not only a privilege but a significant opportunity for WeTrials to foster deeper connections within the community we serve. Our goal is to extend the reach of GSN’s vital services, providing more patients and families with the resources they need to manage their health challenges effectively.”

Dr. Alireza Mansouri added, “Our collaboration with GSN underscores our shared vision to dramatically enhance the impact of support networks for brain cancer. By integrating our expertise in clinical trials with GSN’s robust patient support framework, we aim to create new opportunities and hope for those at the heart of our mission—the patients.”

Lisa Desautels, the founding board member of GSN, expressed excitement about the new appointments: “We are truly excited to welcome Romeo De Leon, whose technological expertise, along with Dr. Alireza Mansouri’s comprehensive research background in medical fields, adds immense value to the Glioblastoma Support Network’s board. Their collaborative approach, blending AI technology with personalized human touch, promises to redefine how we cater to the evolving needs of our community and shape the future of support for individuals and families affected by glioblastoma. We are confident that their involvement will not only enrich our support network but also leave a profound impact on the journey towards a brighter future for all those affected by glioblastoma.”

WeTrials and GSN are united in our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by glioblastoma. Together, we aim to empower patients and families with the resources, support, and options they need to navigate their journey with hope and dignity.

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