Release notes – Version 1.0.0

Welcome to WeTrials!

We are excited to introduce our new app, a compassionate, patient-centric platform tailored to support you and your care partners through every step of your health journey. We’re here to help.

Core Features:

Home Page

  • Explore featured educational resources and find nearby clinical trials

  • Manage your personal health data.

Learning Center

  • Read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch videos by experts.

  • Empower your treatment decisions with expert insights.

Study Finder

  • Find a wide range of studies for brain tumors.

  • Use search and filters to narrow down studies.

  • View eligibility, study details and sites

  • Request to Enroll and monitor the status of your applications from the Home Page.

Language Settings

  • Experimental support for Spanish

Disclaimer on AI-Simplified Tags:

Studies labeled AI-Simplified are simplified using machine learning models and are not verified by our medical team. For more information, refer to slide number #8 in “The Basics of Clinical Trials” on the Home Page.

Known Issues:

At WeTrials, we strive for transparency and user empowerment. Below are some current limitations we’re actively working to improve.

  • Recruitment Status: Sites with a “Suspended” recruitment status may be displayed and could be the nearest location. Visit the Sites tab for the next nearest recruiting location.

  • Distance Discrepancy: There might be a minor discrepancy of around 0.1 mile between the distance shown on the study card and the nearest site in the Sites tab on the Study Details page.

  • URL Links: Some URLs might not be clickable or could be displayed incorrectly.

  • Text Overflow: Long texts might overflow the display area.

Support Information:

For any questions or support, please contact us at

Future Updates:

Stay tuned for upcoming features like Support section for patients and caregivers, including logistics, housing, and financial assistance, and an enhanced user profile in our upcoming updates very soon.

Thank you for choosing WeTrials!