Health and Hues: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Patient Advocacy

June 5, 2024

This episode of the WeTrials podcast, titled “Health and Hue” and hosted by Dr. Alireza Mansouri, a neurosurgeon, features the…

This episode of the WeTrials podcast, titled “Health and Hue” and hosted by Dr. Alireza Mansouri, a neurosurgeon, features the inspiring journey of Dr. Ato and Dr. Tonya Wright, a dynamic couple blending art and medicine to uplift communities. Dr. Ato, a radiation oncologist, and Dr. Tonya, a dedicated advocate for Black maternal health, share their experiences of incorporating art into healthcare practices and organizing fundraisers to support various crucial initiatives around and beyond the communities they serve.

Dr. Tonya”s dedication to improving maternal healthcare includes organizing community outreach workshops, while the couple also tackles healthcare disparities and WeTrials” mission of promoting inclusive clinical trial participation. Their journey vividly demonstrates how The Wright Art Collection, originally intended for home aesthetics, evolved into a powerful force for societal transformation, generating vital funds for the African Millennium Foundation and positively impacting healthcare for Tanzanian children.

This podcast underscores the broader significance of art and showcases their collective efforts in driving healthcare and community empowerment, particularly for at-risk populations, both within the communities they serve and beyond.

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